iTunes party shuffle

OK, just try to tell me that this isn’t the best thing ever. If you’re not using iTunes for listening to music, you need to switch! It’s far better than any radio station, better variety, and I supposedly like everything in the list! I say supposedly since there’s a lot of stuff in my library that I haven’t listened to yet. I get a nasty surprise every now and then. The other day I was listening while on the exercise bike. A Godawful shrieking came over my headphones and I had no idea what the hell it was. Turns out it was a Yoko Ono piece from Double Fantasy… So what’re the next 10 songs on your party list? Here’s mine:
Miserable Lie by the Smiths
Kerosene hat (Outtake) by Cracker
At the End of the World by Frank Black
Your Fear by Prong
University by Throwing Muses
You can See Them From Here by the Coal Porters
Lolly Lolly Lolly Get your Adverbs Here from Schoolhouse Rock!
I am the True Vine by the Rev. Gary Davis
Moonlight Mile by the Rolling Stones
One Too Many Mornings by Bob Dylan

I’d like to see your list!


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