It was nice

     It was a nice thanksgiving at mom’s. Didn’t do much, but that’s fine with me:-) Ate lots of food and I got lots of leftovers since mom and Rick were going to hae another thanksgiving dinner today. Nathan gave me a great idea. I asked how hard it would be to make a pot pie, he suggested that I make a shepard’s pie instead. I did that today and thanksgiving leftovers have never tasted so good… I consider it a plus anytime I can cook something new and it turns out OK. I figure most of the turkey will be gone by tomorrw, that’ll give me the perfect excuse to use the pesto that Butler sent up with me… MMMMMMM. 

     I tried my hand at radio hunting coming back. That’s when you constantly surf through the channels looking for something you’d like to hear. It’s tough because of the limited playlists, but I managed to hear “I’m a Man” by the Spencer Davis Group (who was Spencer Davis anyway?) and “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. I own that LP, there’s only 4 songs on it, the version of Funkytown that gets played on the radio is heavily edited, gotta admit that I like the FM version better…
     Dad has built shelves for my stereo system! I will now have something to put my components on instead of having them strewn across the floor. He did it in a week, wish that I had mentioned it to him earlier:-) Now that I know that other people are doing things for me for Christmas, I feel the need to get on the ball myself. I’m aiming to have all my shopping done by the middle of Dec. Now if I only knew what people wanted…


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