At long last I have an iPhone. Maybe now I’ll see what all the kids are raving about with these new fangled things. It is the first real phone I’ve owned, everything I’ve had before this has essentially been disposable. It’s probably not coincidental that I hated them too… I had held out for a long time, but I was finally given too good a deal to pass up.

My first impressions… Wow, the screen really is amazing. You’d think that I would have noticed that by now, but putting it next to my older iPod Touch really shows how much better then new display is. Brighter, better colors, and much much sharper. Pictures look fantastic on it. I’m looking forward to trying out the cameras. Believe it or not, it’s one of the things I’m most excited about. It’ll be nice to carry a camera around again. And… I now have a video camera for the first time in my life! I’ve owned motion picture cameras (both 16mm and 8mm) but never video. Who knows, maybe I’ll get back to making movies now that I can…

I’m also looking forward to the location services and the social aspects of that. I can find out where I am, and what’s around me on the go. We’ll see how much else I’ll do with it, there’s a lot of possibilities.

Got myself a case from these guys. I got the “smart” case for both my iPhone and iPad from them. I have to have a belt case, it’ll keep me from losing it, plus I will use it all the time at work. Between the calculator, reference guides, and mactracker, it will be out all the time. I’m going to get a bumper for it too. I know that it isn’t as protective as some other cases, but it will fit in the case I got and I think it will be adequate in combination with it.

Anyway, exciting stuff. I’ve got a couple of weeks to get used to it before my iPad arrives. I am now officially in the Apple mobile world. Let’s see where it takes me….

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