In Dubai and a follow up

I’m taking advantage of the free wifi in the airport and trying to stay awake. It’s about 2:15 AM here and I need to catch my flight at 7AM. Seems like there are a lot of people hacking and coughing, the guy next to me on the last flight was complaining about a sore throat. Isn’t fatigue supposed to depress your immune system? I’m doomed….

Just a follow up on my last post, not everything was doom and gloom in Malta, there were exceptions of course. I did manage to find one shoe place (the first one I went to) that was both helpful and had my size. There was a lady that ran a tour service that came outside and put some brochures in my hand. Her and a taxi driver were the only decent salespeople I ran into. The taxi driver was especially good. His English wasn’t great, but he persisted when I blew him off. He explained that the next bus wouldn’t be by for more than a half hour and he could drive us to a stop with more frequent busses. Since Beth and I were wiped out by our longer than expected walk, I took him up on the offer. Good thing I did too, we would have gotten to Dingli cliffs in the dark… So there were some bright spots, but they were def. exceptions. I got the distinct feeling that I could become rich selling just about anything there, I didn’t see much competition… I picked up a Maltese newspaper and nearly died laughing. There was a big op-ed piece on how 3 star hotels need the government’s help with advertising and price supports. I think I’ll write a piece for them entitled “The Maltese need to get of off their asses.” Seems like a more practical piece of advice than pleading to the government….

I’m glad I went, I had a good time, and it was great seeing Beth. To me, that makes for a successful vacation:-)


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