I’m going to weigh 700 pounds…

    I have been doing nothing but eat the last two
weeks. Halloween was a bad scene, way too much candy here at the house,
and then people brought their extra candy in to work. Today some reps
bought us dougnuts and pizza. Yes, I know I don’t have to eat it just
because it’s there, but I am very weak when I’m bored and there’s food
sitting there. I managed to avoid the pizza today, not because I was
good, but because they ordered stuff I didn’t like… Since Butler and
Dad are having thanksgiving a week early (to accomodate my stepsister),
it looked like I was going to have two thanksgiving dinners this month.
Well, it turns out that mom wants to have thanksgiving a week after to
accomodate her brother and wife. That means we may have a smallish
thanksgiving on the actual day, and then a full fledged one the next
week. And then December rolls around and it’s nonstop eating… I’m


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