I’m actually doing it!

    I ordered my guitar the other day. It should be here
by the middle of next week. The parks and rec class I wanted to get
into was canceled due to lack of intrest. turns out that the teacher is
availible for private lessons though. So I contacted him, and I’ll be
seeing him every monday night! Only 30 bucks a week (conviently just
under what I get paid for the photo class). I’m very very excited. I
really like the stuff he has up on the web
(, hopefully I won’t hate him:-) According
to him, all that is required is hard work and a tolerance for pain. I
figure that working retail for 8 years would dull anyone’s senses… In
a perfect world I’d get the disease that every musician I’ve ever met
has. They don’t own a decent stereo system. That would save me a ton
long term….


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The pain is what always held me back. My fret hand would cramp up on the chords. I still play around with my guitars but for no longer than 30 minutes at a stretch. And I do mean stretch. Harmonica is much kinder to my tendons. Good luck.


Re: Pain…

Yeah, not only is it supposed to be brutal on the left hand, but the nails on the right will actually be important to me for the first time in my life. I’ve also heard that posture can be a bit of a back killer with classical if you don’t do it properly. It’s weird, I saw a video of Segovia playing something impossible and he barely moved. His fingertips were flying all over the place, but the rest of him barely moved at all, amazing…


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