I win…

OK, I was hoping to get about $500 from my Ebay sale. I got over $1100!! God I love Ebay, Merry Christmas to ME! The best thing is that I didn’t sell anything that I considered valuable, just some photo crap I had around. Of course I haven’t actually gotten paid for anything yet so I shouldn’t get too excited yet. The real surprise was an antique brass lens I picked up a couple of years ago for 98 bucks or so. It sold for 559 bucks! I bet a couple of “snipers” got caught in their own game. The high bidder has dropped some cash on some other lenses recently, so I’m hoping it goes according to plan. All the stuff I’m selling is obscure enough that I don’t really worry about getting ripped off, who would go to the trouble for an item that a couple of thousand people in the world know about? I did manage to sell my Olympus p-440 printer for almost 300, that was the most mainstream item I had, the rest really were obscure. Anyway, I hope that will take the sting out my weekend working…


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