I thought I had done it again…

    During my senior year in college, I carefully went
through all my slides and separated the “good” ones from the OK and
threw out the rest. The good ones went into a box and then into a
plastic bag (the roof was leaking, so I didn’t want them to get wet).
Well, that bag was later thrown out by accident. I kicked my self in
the ass for being so stupid when I realized what had happened. In the
subsequent years, I have lost a variety of images, and they were always
the good ones. This is because they get separated out to get sent to a
lab or something and they don’t get put back into the main group. The
good news is that recently I have copies of the images I like even if
the original goes missing. A handful of months ago I sent out my best
mages to be scannned. and I couldn’t find them tonight. After tearing
my place apart (I reccomend doing this about twice a year, it’s amazing
what you can turn up) I found them. Turns out I don’t really miss the
ones that got thrown out all those years ago, I have a much different
idea of what is “good”and bad nowadays. At least tonight I won’t have
to kick myself…

    In the process of tearing my room apart, I came
across a short story I wrote 3 years ago for a class. It isn’t too bad
and still encapsulates what I think about the creative process
and “art”. Unfortunetly I only have a hard copy of it now, don’t know
if I’ll ever get the energy to transcribe it back into digital form. On
the other hand, that would be a perfect excuse to do some editing….
I’ll have to think if I want to inflict it on the world via my web site.


One reply on “I thought I had done it again…”

Scanner w/OCR

“On the other hand, that would be a perfect excuse to do some editing…”

More like a perfect excuse to buy a new scanner and some OCR software! 😉

All hail the great and mighty Sonic Youth.


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