I love Ebay…

     Just cleared another $1800 bucks on stuff I hadn’t used in a long time. This was the last of the big stuff, now I’ve got a bunch of little things, odds and ends left over. This latest set will go mostly towards Egypt, but it will also allow me to buy things for people for Christmas:-) 

     My boss wants me to be the new assistant manager at the store now that Richard has left. I’ve been one before, and it was trying. Deep dpwn, I really don’t want to deal with it, but I’m pretty sure I can get what I’ll ask for money wise, and that’ll be a good thing. Plus, I’m tired of avoiding things just because they’re unpleasant, that’s what got me into this job in the frst place… If they give me the money, I’ll take the job. It’ll only be for 9 months or so, I’m sure I can take it for that long.


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