How weak is my prescription?

My prescription for my glasses is pretty weak, it makes more of a difference at distances although I’ve noticed my near vision deteriorating too… Anyway, I realized last night that one of my lenses was missing, and I hadn’t noticed it. Well, that’s not exactly true. I had been pointing out to my housemate that everything looked slightly askew to me. The pavement on the sidewalk to our house looked more slanted and nothing seemed to be square anymore. It was like living in a Dali painting, but just barely… I was actually wondering if I was starting to go crazy, but then I figured out my glasses were the problem. One side slightly magnifies (or demagnifies, not sure which) and the other is my normal vision, hence the skewed view of the world. I’m tempted to try to go without them, but I think that it would be wise to go get some more. The good news is that glasses and prescriptions for them are pretty cheap here, just gotta work it into my schedule.


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Know how you feel. The first time Kearfoot put me in a near and far contacts,kept thinking I was walking like a crab. Things on one side seemed closer. Weak lenses have their place. I wear them when driving in places where I need to read the street signs or to see the guide on tv.

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