Holy timewarp Batman!

Just bought a coke here at the Dubai airport and it has the “old” pull tab type of opening. I remember those things from back in the late 70s. That brought back some memories… I’ve decided not to sleep tonight, I’m to worried about missing my flight in the morning. Hence the coke and the candy bar. I’m hoping the caffeine and sugar will do the trick.

A few more thoughts about this place before may battery runs out… First of all, the are hardly any laptops even though the entire airport seems to be a wifi hotspot. It certainly isn’t a money thing, you should see what some people are buying in the duty free shops! The whole laptop thing apparently hasn’t sunk into this culture yet. I’m already feeling safe here. There isn’t a security guard in sight despite all of the fancy stores in the duty free zone. I am sitting across from the restrooms (where there are both types of toilets Allah be praised!:-)and everyone drops off their luggage/shopping bags on the benches outside and then walks in. They just leave them there! That’s a bit of a turnaround from the DC and NYC environments I’ve been in. It really does seem that no one considers crime to be an issue, and it’s really nice! There are many more south asians here than I had anticipated. Lots of Indians and what look to be Indonesians. Emerites gave me a free meal here at the airport since I have such a long lay over. If I were in first class, they would have given me a room with my own bathroom. Anyway, it was basically an Indian version of a buffateria. Being a hungry American with little real knowledge of Indian food, it tasted just fine to me. I haven’t seen anything here that I would consider “Middle East” cuisine, but then again I haven’t left the airport. Not going to either. I’m too worried about getting through customs, having to carry my bag around, and getting back to do that. Maybe some other time when I have some money to spend:-) Whoops! My battery is dying fast. Maybe I should get one of those power adaptors and poach an outlet somewhere….


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One of the reasons we can’t leave bagggage around in DC and NYC is that it would be hauled off as suspicious. Guess that is determined by which end of the terrorist stick you are on. Still good that property is so safe there. You sound to be in good spirits despite such a long trip. Love mom

Yeah, Thought about that too. They probably would have shut the whole terminal down at JFK… Be careful about assuming what “side” terrorists are on. Seems to me that most of that is Sunni vs. Shite stuff these days. If anything, I would have thought that there would be stricter security in DUbai. Guess not.


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