Hell has frozen over…

Well not really, but I did buy a digital camera… I really wasn’t going to be able to go on my trip without one. It’s a Sony W100. Why that one? Well, my basic philosophy is that all of these cameras are the same crap with different controls. This one is pretty small, has a larger sensor than most (though it’s still tiny), and a decent lens. What really sold me on this one was the fact that I can put a 4GB (or maybe even larger) card in it. Why on earth would I want to take 1000 pictures at 8 MP? Well, that’s nice, but I’m more interested in the 51 minutes of video that I can do (or 1 and a half hours with more compression). I took a look at some pictures tonight and while decent for an 8mp digicam, my 35mm beats it handily not to mention the larger film. The video adds another aspect to my fun though. There’s no way I’m buying and taking a video camera with me, but this little (and I do mean little) thing will be a lot of fun. Plus I’ll be able to post pictures pretty quickly. To me it’s just another camera, good for some things and pretty bad at others. Luckily I have cameras that excel where this one falls short:-)

Had a few moments of concern when I brought it home. Whenever I tried to load the pictures and video onto my computer, it would freeze up. And I mean badly, there was no recovering from this, I had to shut down and restart the computer. Turns out that I can’t download through a hub (even a powered one). When I hook the card reader directly to the computer all is well. Weird, but this is how I’ll use it with the lap top.


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