Haven’t been doing much studying…

I’ve spent the last several days hanging out with my (now gone) house mates. We went bowling friday night and ate there too. It’s funny, you are told to always be careful about eating food from street vendors and local markets. I haven’t had any trouble at all. I ate some “fast food” at the bowling alley and got sick as a dog. I won’t go into details, but I wasn’t up to going to class on Sat. I layed around all day and didn’t eat anything. Towards the end of the night I was feeling better, but really hungry. I decided to wait because we were going over to Luciano’s place for some Italian food that night. Well, we didn’t end up eating until 8:30 or so and I was literally shaking with hunger… He had some munchies put out for us including prochitto (sp?)! Oh Lord was it good… The taste exploded on my tounge, I had no idea I was craving pork that badly. Unfortunetly, my stomach had shrunk to the size of a walnut, so I was only able to eat 2/3 of my pasta. Then the next dish came out and I had to bow out, I was stuffed… Man that was good, real pasta, real ham, real tomato sauce, I wish I could have eaten more…

Luciano works at the Italian embassy and has a beautiful house. It has a wonderful mashraf, a guest house(!) and the entire place is walled in. He also has broadband internet access and a wireless system set up too… I’m hoping I can come over in the future and do my online stuff while sitting in his garden, ahhhh…

Things have been a little screwed up because of the holidays. All of my housemates are gone, Judith is leaving for India, Luciano is going back to Italy, and I’m goin to Malta for Christmas. I’ll be back in the middle of january, so will Judith (although she’s leaving in the middle of feb.) and Luciano won’t be back until Feb. So I guess I won’t have any excuse for not studying. Speaking of which, I better get something done since I haven’t done anything in 3 days….


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