Great week end!

In a rather bizarre twist, both parents were up in the DC area this weekend. Mom took me out for a birthday dinner on Sat. night and on Sunday Dad, Butler and I went to the Cezanne exhibit down at the national gallery. I’ve been eating nonstop, a great Indian meal on sat. and my favorite Afghan place on sun. I still have leftovers too:-) That includes a birthday cake, perhaps the most important part of the birthday! Mom got me some pretty nice Ray Ban sunglasses in anticipation for my trip to Yemen. I think I’ll have to take them back though. I haven’t worn sunglasses in 15 years or so but I thought I’d give these a try. They are a swept back sort of style, but they are far too small on my head, I’ll need something with larger frames if I’m going to not look silly wearing them. I have the same problem with hats, my head is so big (literally thank you very much) that most hats look odd on me. I’ll go see what they have as substitutes, the last pair that I bought were wayfarers back in 1987 or so. Not sure how kind the years have been to that design, I’ll see what they look like…


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