Good news on global warming

Here’s some good news that will, predictably, not be publicized. First, a little background. The doomsday scenarios in global warming do not rely on CO2 for all of the warming. At most, CO2 could only account for a 3 degree Celsius rise in temperature, and that is in theory, and over the next 100 years or so. All of the rest of the predicted temperature gains rely on positive feedbacks to boost the temperatures.

Well, there are feedback mechanisms at work, but they are negative ones, not positive ones. This article is a great example of good science, it uses actual data to test a hypothesis. Something that has been overlooked is that anthropological global warming models are not falsifiable, they are not hypotheses. No, this doesn’t mean that they are true, it just means that they lay outside of what can be determined by science. I will spare you the philosophy of science speech and get right to the punch line… If you cannot test an assertion, it is a belief. That is not science. It is not enough to gather data and make guesses as to why that data is the way they it is. You have to test your idea, that is science.

The article I linked to above is straightforward science. Why don’t we hear about it? Why do people want bad news about global warming? Why do people get angry instead of breathing a sigh of relief when this sort of thing is released? WHY DON”T MORE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THIS?

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