Going a little crazy..

So much to do and so little time to do it… The place is starting to look a little empty. Most of my cds and almost all of my books have been packed up. The stereo is gone (thanks Jenny!), and I just have assorted crap and junk strewn about. I think I’ll need another case to put stuff in, but I might not, it’s a little tough to tell right now. I’m finally starting to “get” the fact that I’m moving to the other side of the earth, it’s starting to sink in…

Saw Jenny and Jaime today, just need to catch up with Giane next wed. and I think I will have seen everyone I needed to see before I head out. I got home around 12:30 tonight and realized that I needed to finish my laundry if I wanted to sleep on sheets, plus I needed to clean up the upstairs. Catching the train tomorrow will find me a bit bleary eyed. It’s funny, I don’t really worry about that now. When I was working I really worried about it and I seemed to need more sleep. Getting up at weird hours doesn’t faze me, I’ll just take a nap if I get tired:-) Tomorrow I’m in Connecticut, come back on thursday, go to dad’s on sat. and come back up here to finish packing on monday… Whew! It’ll be nice to settle into a regular schedule once I’m in Yemen:-)


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