Getting there…

So I’m going back to DC tomorrow (at my mom’s house right now) to finish packing. There’s still a bunch of little things I have to take care if before I go and I hope I remember them all. It’s getting really close, right now I’m much more worried about the flights going smoothly. I’ll deal with living in Yemen when I get there I suppose.


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Well, I hope you get everything goes smoothly. Or at least as smoothly as possible.

Oh, and your stereo is safely ensconced in my bedroom. Sitting on my bed is the optimal listening position. 🙂

LOL, I hope that it doesn’t keep you in bed… Did you ever get any bass out of it? It can be a little tricky to set up. I can dig up some guides on the web if you want help doing it. Email me your address and I’l see if I can’t get you the remote control. Enjoy it!!


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