GAHHH! New Apple laptops… No Firewire!

And no, that’s not a good GAHH! Don’t get me wrong, the new additions sound really nice. The aluminum case and the new graphics chips are great upgrades. I’m not to keen on the no button trackpad, but who knows, maybe I’d get used to it. Also, I think the new two tone look is fugly, but that obviously doesn’t affect the usefulness. My gripe, and it’s a big one, is that there is no firewire port on the macbook! Yeah, I guess I could spring for the macbook pro, but that’s 2 grand and a larger computer. It’s just a port Apple, $700 (and less) windows machines have this port, it’s ridiculous that the new macbook doesn’t have one.

I had been thinking about my next computer being an audio one. Without a firewire port, that looks doubtful. USB is fine, if a little slow, for transferring files, but audio and video uses really need a firewire port. I can’t believe this… I may actually buy a windows computer for my audio work. I’d never get it near the internet, there’s just too many problems with all the viruses and malware out there. The necessary anti-virus stuff causes even more problems as far as I can tell. ARGGH! Why couldn’t they put that port on a reasonably priced machine?

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