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Fountain of youth?

A customer told me that he started using Apple products, “Probably before you were alive.” I told him I doubted that and asked when he used his first Apple product. He started in 1985. That blew me away, did he really think I was only 25? I’ve been told I look young, but 25?


Believe it or not, I do credit my job (along with good shaves) with my youthful demeanor. There is little real stress, anything that comes up is short lived. The only real stress I have in my life revolve around my health issues. When they do not rear their ugly heads, I throughly enjoy my job. I am working, spending the days of my life, doing something that I really enjoy. I’m pretty sure that is the real secret of youth. Yes, I’m sure I could get paid more at another job, but between the non-payroll benefits (insurance, stock purchase plan, stable company, productive job) and my enjoyment of it, I think I’ve got the best deal I could hope for. As I drove down to my mother’s place today, I realized that this vacation has much more to do with resting (and hopefully healing) than getting away from the job. I’ll enjoy this vacation, but I won’t mind going back to work either:-)

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