Food update

Just a quick follow up on my dining in the nearby Brookfield Plaza… I tried out Tippy’s taco house. How best to describe it? It isn’t as good as Baja Fresh, but they have Taco Bell prices and the food is worlds better than that! I had a burrito, taco, and some guacamole. Good for a fast food place, and the Mexican lime soda I had was really good too.

Went to the Korean place with a friend and I’m still not sure if I like Korean food. This was the third time I’ve tried Korean food. The prices were higher than the other places, but I had a dumpling soup that was pretty good. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I’m not sure if there was anything to draw me back in. I might try to find a more knowledgeable Korean foodie and head up to Annandale, it’s supposed to be a Korean food haven.

Went back to Ravi’s kabob place, this time for kabobs. I dunno, I guess they were pretty good, but I don’t think they were as good as the Afghan place. Speaking of which…

The Afghan kabob place was a madhouse for lunch, it was much busier than any of the other places seemed to be. That boded well for the food, even if I had to wait a bit. It was a great lunch. The chicken kabobs were amazing, not so sure about the shami (ground meat) kabobs. I had a mound of rice, some potatoes, and great bread, you can’t complain about the portions that’s for sure! Ravi’s kabobs (the Pakistani place) just didn’t have as much flavor even if the sides were just as good. Cooking over charcoal like the Afghan place does makes a big difference in the taste, for the better. I need to try out some of the Afghan place’s non kabob fare to compare to Ravi’s one of these days.

Today I tried the Indian/French Bakery place for lunch. The buffet didn’t actually have a lot on it, but what I tried was really good. Butter chicken, chicken tandoori, some sort of curry chicken, rice, potatoes masala, eggplant masala, naan, it was all really good. Plus it was only 8 bucks for the buffet! I’ll be going back there, it might even become like my Indian place in Yemen, one of my more frequent places to eat…

So I still haven’t tried the Vietnamese place, the other (buffet) Pakistani place, the Chinese place, or the pizza place yet. Updates will come soonish I’m pretty sure…

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