Flight to Dubai

OK, for the record, Emerites Airlines rocks. Not only was everyone very friendly, did their job, and had decent food (really!), but they had this nifty entertainment doohicky at every seat. You could pull up dozens of movies, games, and lots and lots of music. They had a pretty good selection too. I listened to “Remain in Light”, “Dolittle,” “London Calling,” “A Love Supreme,” “Let it Bleed,” “Raising Hell,” “Blonde on Blonde,” and many other single songs too. It made for a rather pleasant trip. I managed to doze off a couple of times. It felt like it was only 15-20 minutes each time, but I actually killed about 4 hours of the flight sleeping.

That brings me to Isaac’s method of avoiding Jet lag. Here’s the drill… Sleep really late the day of your (evening flight). My flight left at 11PM and got into Dubai around 8PM the next day. Try to sleep as little as possible on the flight and then go to bed at a normal hour in your new place. Hopefully that’s all it takes, I’ll let you know how it turns out:-)


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