First night

I had envisioned quite a few possibilities for my first night in Yemen, most of which revolved around me hanging out in my room wondering what to do. Luca and Christopher invited me out instead and we did something that I never thought that I would do in Yemen at all, let alone my first night… we went bowling.

No, I couldn’t believe it either. It surprised me, but I jumped at the chance to hang out and meet people. The ally is at a place called “Fun CIty”, it’s got a bunch of fair type rides, some fast food, and a bowling alley/pool place. Games were $1.50 each, that included the shoes. We met up with some of Luca’s friends from the Italian embassy and a Palestinian doctor and his two sisters. Just before we started, one of the Italian guys offhandly said “Oh, all Americans are good at bowling…”

And just like that, the weight of a nation was on my shoulders:-) I rose to the occasion by soundly beating them in the first game. I bowled a little over a hundred, which is really good for me. Afterwards, we went looking for food. It was kind of late so we had some problems. Ended up at the “Funny Bunny”. I was still full from the meal I had earlier, so I didn’t get much. I did have what was the first of what will be many Limon juice drinks… I collapsed into bed around 12:30 and slept until the call to prayer at 5AM.

I gotta say that our local Muezzin could use some lessons. The one in Dubai was really good, the call was beautiful and really had a beckoning feel to it. The one closest to me sounds much more like “DO IT NOW!” He has no range and very little inflection, but oh well. All of the mosques call at the same time, so it is a cacophonous way to start the day, but it is an effective alarm clock. It didn’t keep me from going back to sleep though…


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I think you should keep a list of the “Americans are …. ” statements that you hear. I think that would be really interesting. πŸ™‚

Yay for having fun right away. I think this bodes well for your adventure.

Hey you!
I’m glad you are getting out for a good time and tht your roomates are making you feel really welcome!! its a good thing we American’s can hold our heads high for “bowling pride”-lol too bad i’m terrible at it πŸ™‚ keep updating!!

Well, I did get beaten in the second game by a German, and he had only bowled twice before! So yeah, I kind of suck too, but don’t tell anyone!


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