First lesson

    The teacher is a bit loopy, and he likes to talk and
play a lot. He does have a lot of knowledge though, so I’ll stick
around for a while and see if I can’t pick up on some of it. I didn’t
do much playing this time, most of the lesson was about holding the
guitar properly, striking the strings properly, and positioning the
right hand (stop moving it!). I had been screwing around a bit, trying
some of the lessons. I was doing things wrong of course. So I’ll spend
this week trying to unlearn the bad habits I started. It’ll be fun
eventually… I am gettng some nice sounds from the guitar (as opposed
to music) and the teacher complimented the guitar I chose so that made
me feel pretty good. Gotta go practice…


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The teacher is a bit loopy, and he likes to talk and play a lot.

Yes, dear. He’s a musician. They tend to do that. I hope you stick with it, but I suspect hanging around such people will drive you crazy.

He is a musician, but he’s also a teacher, hopefully once I get some of the basics down he’ll have some more instrution to offer. If not, no biggie, there are lots of music teachers in this area! I do plan on sticking with this, I’ve been pleasently surprised at my progress over the past week. It’s quite a kick to tackle a piece of music (even very simple pieces that I’m dealing with) and actually play it eventually. It’ll be even more rewarding once I start dealing with some good music…


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