Felling better, and good news!

Now it’s just my lower leg. I wonder what the hell I did to it. No matter, as long as it gets better… Just checked my retirement funds, I’m almost at 19% return for the year! That’s one hell of a good investment. If it just keeps up like that, I’ll retire rich…early! Of course it won’t continue, and there have been some serious ups and downs this year, including one of my funds dropping over 6 bucks a share in one day, ouch! That might be expected with an individual stock, but it’s pretty unusual with a mutual fund… I’m heavily invested in foreign funds, almost a half of my portfolio is in foreign funds. Yeah, that’s a little risky, but damn, 19%! The other half is in a small cap fund. Gotta take chances if you want to make some money, of course I’m not crazy. Well, not that crazy, but 19% crazy:-)


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