Feeling blah…

    Stayed home today cause my GI tract didn’t want me
to leave the bathroom this morning. I’ll still teach my class tonight
though, I’ve already cancelled one of their classes (so I can go visit
my grandmother) so i didn’t want to do another…
    I’ve started some more pages for my website. I’m
going to have pages dedicated to the best songs you never hear and the
best songs you’ve never heard. The distinction is that the “never hear”
are ones by well known artists and even fairly important songs that are
rarely played on the radio or TV. The “never heard” ones will be by
more obscure artists, ones where there really isn’t any reason for you
to hear unless you were looking for them. It should be fun. let me know
if you have any suggestions for songs to include on either list, I’d
love to discover some new stuff…


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