Eidetic reading

A lot of my recent reading has revolved around how to learn things well. I figure that pretty soon it will be nonstop learning, it’s best that I do it as well as I can. Self hypnosis, NLP, brain hemisphere integration, etc. A book that I bought years ago but have just started to read has a section on reading faster. Just like all fast reading techniques, you need to do it visually instead of saying the words to yourself. I almost always say every word in my head when I read, I even say the words as I type them or write them. So I gave the visual method a try. Turns out I can do it pretty well, I can blaze through pages at an impressive rate. The problem is that if I’m not paying attention I drift right back to my old ways of doing things. It’s fascinating how our brain works and terrifying how much habit controls how we think. Establishing new habits is really all learning a lot of stuff is, especially new languages. It’s one thing to notice how you think, it;s quite another to do something about it… Wish me luck!!


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That’s what I do too, and yes, it does slow you down. Turns out that words can be recognized visually almost instantly. How fast you can read comes down to how much you can see at a time. A big hurdle is believing that you are reading if you don’t hear the words. I’m struggling with changing my reading habits, I’ve done it one way for so long it’s hard to change.


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