Dream issues

One of the more nefarious effects of MS is how it affects your brain. There are the periods of brain fog where it is just difficult to think. I’ve also recently been having some rather vivid dreams. So far, they have just been standard dream fare, nothing too good or bad, but they are really life like. This morning, I dreamt that I had been visited by some friends of mine from back home and they brought some tube amps with them! The trouble was that they had woken me up and I needed to get ready for work. I spent the entire dream coughing (I had a cold) and trying to stave off sleep because they had woken me up early.

Here’s the problem, when I woke up, I took those feelings with me. I felt exhausted, and it took me a while to appreciate that I wasn’t coughing. I do have a runny nose, so maybe that made me cough in my dream. The big issue was that my dream felt quite a bit more “real” than my waking hours. This happened to me last week too. I drove to work, and I remember thinking that at any time i was going to wake up. I only lasted a couple of hours at work before I gave up.

So I called in today to tell them that I will at the very least be late. We’ll see how long this feeling will last today, the last time I was OK by 5 or so. I wonder if this is a side effect of my new medicine? In any case, it’s unnerving.

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