Dr. Who goodness…

Just finished watching a Dr. Who episode. An old one in B&W. I had a roommate in college that liked to watch them, but he only had more recent ones. Gotta say that this was a better show than any I had seen before. The story was pretty good (mad general trying to start war with aliens by kidnapping their ambassadors) and the acting was a distinct cut above the ones i had seen before. Plus they didn’t try to rely on cheesy effects. No Tardis, but there was a leggy blonde in a miniskirt and go go boots for an assistant, maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much.:-)


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There is a new British Dr. Who too, that was wildly popular over there (or so I hear) that’s going to be over here soon. I’ve never seen any Dr. Who of any ilk before, but I’m still intrigued.

As far as I can tell, the popularity of Dr. Who rests on the affection of the characters, a love of cheesy effects, and a decidedly British sensibility. It has no edge, which is what most sci-fi these days seems to depend on, and it has no good effects at all, which is another crutch of most sci-fi. I do think that the show is enjoyable. Sometimes it’s for all the wrong reasons (there is an infamous episode that is done entirely in front of a green screen due to lack of budget), but it’s always a lot of fun.


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