Down to 207..

Only 8 more pounds to go to reach my goal of under 200. Maybe if I exercised some more (or at all for that matter) I could get there quicker, or go past that. I seem to have far less time than I did before, not exactly sure what I’m doing with it other than working, but exercise and my guitar have fallen down the list of priorities. I guess I shouldn’t fret too much, I feel good and I’m still gradually losing the weight. I think my diet and or tastes have changed considerably over the years. Went to Pizzarea UNO today to use a gift card that I got for Christmas. Nothing on the menu really appealed. Got one of their pizzas anyway and I feel as though I may have put back on 12 pounds in that one sitting. I used to like that stuff a lot, but now I don’t feel too good after eating it. I must be getting old, can’t be that I’m getting healthy right:-)


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