Don’t you want me Mr. Goodbar?

    I was at the grocery store supposedly picking up
necessary food stuffs. In actuality I was hit with an incredible
craving for chocolate covered peanuts. This wasn’t “Hmmm, that sure
would be good,” it was “Where are those things, I want them NOW!” It
was undeniable… Anyway, since I was there I decided that I’d get some
actual food. They were playing “Don’t you Want Me Baby” by the Human
League. I of course started singing along (big fan of that song… I
have that album, 45, and the 12″ dance remix), and I kept singing even
when I was out of reach of the speakers. Well, I went through another
verse and halfway through the chorus before I got within earshot of
speakers again. I hadn’t missed a beat, I was right freaking there on
the down beat. I scare myself sometimes…


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