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Don’t forget the obvious

I’ve been gimping around for a week and a half now. Whenever I get a pain that won’t go away, I think to myself, “Great, here we go. Your luck with pain free MS couldn’t last forever…” My left foot has been hurting and it’s really annoying. I’ve been popping alieve and just trying to work through it. Part of me doesn’t want to give my aches and pains any credence, if I ignore them, they won’t be a big deal, right?

Things were getting bad enough that I was considering seeing a doctor about it. I then overheard someone talking about shoes and I realized that I hadn’t bought any general purpose shoes since 2007. Hmm, maybe it was time? Sure enough, I bought some today (a pair of Aetrex) and my feet responded instantly. Doh… Once again, the obvious is my friend.

Can’t wait to do a whole day in my new shoes, I hope it make a big difference.

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