We finished up our second night in the darkroom last
night. Everyone managed to get a decent print out of the experience and
I think that everyone was glad we went. One of my students had what I
consider the best accidentaly good picture I have ever seen. It is a
portrait of two boys against a wall and it has a definate Diane
Arbus/Richard Avedon feel to it. If she knew who those people were, I’d
be very impressed. As it is, she has a slightly creepy picture of her
sons, not quite what she had in mind…
    The vacation was wonderful. I didn’t do a damn thing
and it felt great. I was hoping to add some more stuff to the web site,
but I guess that’ll have to wait a bit. Why is it that every time I
want to write something serious, like a cursory look at the New
Testament, I end up thinking about things like David Bowie and
amplifier circuts? Maybe I need to get those things out of my system
before tackling anything too ambitious. In any case, I hope to have
more up by the end of the week.


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