Diet update

I’ve been pretty good about my diet. I’m allowing myself one day a week to eat bread or rice, the rest of the time it’s veggies and meat. I’ve felt pretty good, very little of the usual muddy headedness and balance problems. It’s also striking what happens when I deviate from it. My father and stepmother moved me into my new/old place (more about that in another post) and then took me out to dinner. We went to a really nice Indian place around the corner. You can’t very well eat Indian without bread and rice, so I ate bread and rice. Ice cream was offered later and I couldn’t say no. The next night, my mother made a family favorite, Hungarian goulash. I have no idea if it’s actually Hungarian or not, but it sure is tasty. It’s served over a bed of noodles. Well, it’s an unusual treat, and mom made it, so of course I was going to chow down. I felt lousy for the next two days. Dizzy, fatigued, and muddleheaded. Started eating my usual meat veggie diet and it cleared up within a day. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it does fit in with the longer pattern I’ve noticed.

As far as the diet part is concerned, I weighed myself yesterday and I came in at 204. That compares with 219 three months ago. Yes, I used two different scales, but that’s a big enough difference that I know there’s been a real loss.  It’s good to drop the weight, my jeans certainly fit better. I’ve also started to check my blood pressure in the morning. I’m averaging around 120/67ish. The months previous to me starting my diet I was hitting 130 and 140 at my monthly infusions. Yes, it’s only been a handful of days, and my previous measurements were only done once a month where any old thing could throw them off. Still, I like the difference:) It’s possible losing the weight could be enough to lower the BP, I don’t really care. I’m going to continue weighing myself and taking my blood pressure, who knows, maybe I’ll start exercising or something too. The diet is pretty easy to stick to, especially since I have a cheat day built in. After I’ve been on it for several more months, I’ll go get my blood drawn and see what it looks like.

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