Dick Craft died

    I come not to praise him, but to bury him… I have
mixed feelings, this is the guy my mother left my father for. I lived
with him for a year or two and mom almost married him. People seemed to
like him quite a bit, but I never got past the drinking and the
subsequent boorish behaviour. I still feel bad about leaving my brother
to live in that house when he was only 12 or 13. I distinctly remember
mom telling me that Dick could grow on me. “Yeah, just like cancer” was
my reply. Of course that was what killed him… Karma is can bite you
in the ass like that… Looking back, I probably was too hung up on him
not being my father to ever really give him any sort of chance. If
there’s one thing I’ve learned in the time since then, it’s that every
one has problems. At the time I had no problems judging him, now I see
that he was doing what he could. Being human is a tough thing when
dealing with a cynical know it all who was trying to deal with his
parents’ divorce. SIGH, rest easy Dick, here’s to hoping that all
that’s behind you now…


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