Decisions decisions…

    I am going to try to be good this year, no stupid
purchases. In order to help me with that, I’m going to establish a
direct deposit account for saving money… I am also going to try some
additional, more speculative investments. Nothing too wild, but some
things with some decent upsides… The one thing I am definately going
to buy this year is a new computer. What I want is a dual processor 2.5
Ghz G5 power mac with an Apple 23″ cinema display. That isn’t going to
happen, it’s just too much money. My initial thought is to get one of
the new mini macs loaded up with memory, a bigger hard drive, blue
tooth and airport. Here’s the thing, once I buy a decent monitor (like
one of Dell’s better models, rumored to have the same screen as the
Apple), I’m within shouting distance of the iMac with a built in
    The imac has a better processor, larger memory
capacity (with user replaceable parts) and potentially fewer cables.
The nice thing about the mini is that I’d probably get a better
monitor, and of course it’s separate from the CPU, so I could keep it
for a while. It’s a tough decision but I’ve got a while to make up my
mind. I’m not going to buy a new mac until the newest version of OS X
(Tiger) comes out. Hopefully by that time I will be able to compare
performances between the two models. Heck, there may even be upgrades
to the machines by that time…


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