Damn damn damn

Well, The good news is that my back feels better, but my right hip and knee feel worse. Yesterday, my whole lower back hurt and the pain traveled down my right leg. Now it’s my right leg.. I’ve been looking for some Motrin or something at the various connivence stores, but none of them even carry aspirin. I asked someone today where I could get some and he said there was a druggist around the corner, but they were probably closed, it being one o’clock and all.. I asked when they would be open again and he told me 4 o’clock! What the hell kind of hours are those? Anyway, being in a contrary mood, I checked them out and they were open Got some European equivalent of Motrin and promptly took 600mg of it…

I think the Maltese have inherited the British food sensibilities. A couple of places offer a breakfast fry, sausages, fried wonder bread, baked beans(!?), fried pudding and an egg or two. Today, I got my first pizza. While I was waiting for it to cool, a waiter came by and asked if I wanted any ketchup for my pizza. What the hell? I have to say, so far my impression of Maltese food is not too good. The lasagna I’ve gotten from two different places is really bland, the pizza I had today was not very good, and the price of the chinese food is crazy. They charged me almost 3 bucks for white rice! I paid it cause I was desperate, but I’ll be looking for some other place tonight.

SIGH, good thing I came to Malta to sit around my room and an internet cafe… I’m really hoping that a regimen of rest and anti-inflamatories will cure me so that I can enjoy myself a little. 3 days of that ought to do it, don’t you think?


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If the pain goes down your leg with flexion of your back, you need to be doing extension exercises for your back. If it hurts more with extension of your back, do flexion exercises. While you are in bed place a LARGE pillow under your knees. Something is obviously irritating a nerve in your back abd you need to get the pressure off it, Bed rest is not a good idea, but maintaining a postiion of comfort is. Wish I could be there to gove yous some dread diagnosis. If you are not imroving, or you have any problem with passing your water or incontinence of bowels, you need to be seen. Would feel much better if yu saw one of the locals in Malta,than if you underwent some homeopathic medieval cure in Yemen.

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