Coherent dreams…

I’ve had two very coherent dreams the last couple of nights. That’s a rarity for me, usually my dreams are jumbles of stuff that don’t make much sense. I had hoped that I would get a message from God or something but what I got instead was a Dr. Who episode and a fantasy/horror story (although it wasn’t scary to me).

The Dr. Who episode was rather good I think, but it had all the trademarks, goofy acting and dialogue, a ridiculous villain, and even mini cliff hangers between each installment. The other one was a little looser but it involved a main character that had the ability to move between host bodies. He discovered this ability when he was trapped by a bunch of vampires on a cruise ship that was very TARDIS-like now that I think of it. It was larger on the inside than on the outside and there wasn’t any consistency to the internal layout, it would change on you as you walked through it. The vampires were using it as a floating feast and recruitment center. The main character managed to get out of his body and into another before being made into a vampire, he then proceeded to go into space and under water with various adventures. There were several instances where he didn’t know how he lived through the experience and started to wonder if he had escaped being a vampire after all, or if he had already died, etc.

The last time I had dreams this cinematic is when I was in film school. I got a kick out of identifying the various editing techniques (gaze-object-gaze was a favorite of mine), lighting, and even camera angles… It was a little weird, but in a good way, if I’m going to do the equivalent of watching TV, it might as well be in my sleep:-)


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