Class has started

Went to my first class yesterday, my second today. Adel is a very patient man and I can tell he likeds to teach Arabic. I can also tell that we will be covering a lot of info. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are spent on the alphabet, we get to words after that. Yup, three days to learn the letters and how to write them. It really isn’t as hard as it sounds, most people are intimidated by Arabic because it has a different alphabet, but it’s pretty straight forward. WIth a little hard work and a lot of studying, I wil have it licked in three days. It’s nothing to be intimidated by. Learning new sounds to make with you rmouth and throat and a new grammer, that’s something to be intimidated by…

Met a nice, little old man yesterday. He stopped me on the street and asked if I had ever been to Tuscon… He brought out a bunch of papers reliving his glory days in America. He worked with some schols over there to coordinate teaching on agriculture or something like that. He wanted me to explain how a class grading system worked from a syllabus he had, and then he brought out a small English textbook. He had a few questions. Let me tell you, it has been forever since I thought about the past perfect tense, but I muddled through somehow. He told me that he would bring me some books to help me learn Arabic,pretty nice of him! I gotta say, the locals, by and large, are a friendly lot. I’ve gotten a few dirty looks, but mostly it has been positive.

I tried to post yesterday, but the internet just was not cooperating. I managed to get 3 or 4 pictures of my room up on my flickr account, but the damn thing refuses to load any more. I’m trying again but getting the same results. It’s the more interesting pictures that won’t load of course. I’m trying, honest!

Met Sophia at school today. She’s an American and it came as a bit of a shock to talk to a woman in a full hjab, let alone a woman at all. She wasn’t veiled, but was wearing the traditional black, formless drape that is so common. It was indeed strange…

Anyway, I’m calling it a night, I will try to load more pictures someother time. I’ve had it with the internet tonight.


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Sounds as though you are having many positive expreiences.Great! May have been worried for nothing. Stay away from those dirty looks though. Hope Arabic is as easy as you imply.Maybe if that is all you are studying it will be. Keep the blogs coming. Not sure about the flicker account.. mom

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