Cheap CDs

    I’ve been doing some CD poaching on 3 or 4
bucks including shipping is my target price and I’ve gotten a handful
of interesting things. Finally got a copy of “God Fodder” by Ned’s
Atomic Dustbin. “Grey Cell Green” was one of my favorite early 90’s
obscure college radio songs, too bad the rest of the album sucks… The
soundtrack to Pump up the Volume (that awful Christian Slater vehicle)
was bought for a single song. It’s the “surfer mix” of “Wave of
Mutilation” by the Pixes. We used to have this at the place I sold
stereo equipment for some reason, it certainly wasn’t for the sound
quality. There’s a bunch of early “alternative” bands on there
and  it’s not bad background listening. “Zoot Suit Riot” by the
Cherry Poppin Daddies is interesting. It came out during that brief
swing/big band revival in the 90’s and of all of them had the most edge
to it. A lot of the lyrics are a bit much to take, and not suitable for
airplay but the title track is pretty good and makes for good shower
music in the morning. The best thing I’ve gotten is “Hot” by Squirrel
Nut Zippers. It also was put out during the swing fad a while back, but
it has some real musical weight to it. It comes across as a legitimate
blend of jazz with a rocking feel. A bit of a small combo that swings
playing big band feeling stuff. It’s a great switch from the usual
stuff, glad I picked this up.
    If you want to do some poaching of your own, check
out the bargain cds at, everything is 2.99 or less. There is
lots of junk of course, but you might find some of those albums that
you’d try for 3 bucks but not for 15.


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