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Charitable efforts

I don’t make a tremendous amount of money, but I’m doing OK. There are plenty of people that aren’t of course, and I’m a big believer that aid in the right way can make a big difference. I’m also of the opinion that decent people give what they can. It’s part of my general optimistic view of people in general. I hope I’m a decent person, so….


I’ve been giving to Kiva pretty regularly for over a year now. If there’s one thing that has taught me, it’s how giving a little bit consistantly over time can add up. I just started giving to GiveDirectly. I can’t give much each month, but they aggregate the donations that people send in and then give them to people in a larger chunk. These two charities do what I think charities should do. Kiva allows people to invest in themselves and try to make their life better. It’s for people doing OK, but struggling to take that next step. GiveDirectly is much more about people having real difficulties and mired in poverty. As I’ve written before, GiveDirectly follows my own belief that the poor folks know where that money will have the most impact and so I should allow them to spend it as they see fit. I wish I could do more, but times are tight. Hopefully in the future things will get better.

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