Bought the tickets (finally)

I gave up on the travel agent. He seemed nice enough, but he didn’t want to take my money for some reason. After two weeks of not getting anything, I bought some on my own. Total price came to around $1300. Not too bad really. Of course the return date is in march. I figure that I’ll either want to get out of there by then or I’ll want to stay longer than 1 year. 1 year is the maximum length for a round trip ticket (that’s what I’ve been told at least). I can still extend the ticket up to a year for more money, but I just assume use that money towards my one way ticket back. I’ll be leaving on October 29th and getting there nov. 2nd. There are long layovers in NYC (at JFK) and Germany, a shorter in one in Dubai. I’m not too worried, I just assume spend some time in airport purgatory in order to spend another possible month in Yemen… That seems to be the difference in price with the long layovers.


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