Big class…

    My tuesday class has 10 people signed up for it. 7
of them showed up the first night. It doesn’t sound like a big
difference from the 3 and 4 people I’m used to, but it is. They are
also, in general, much further along than the other students I’ve had.
They’ll definately keep me on my toes. Another wrinkle is that most of
them will be shooting with digital SLRs. That’s not really a big deal,
except that I don’t have a great way of showing their pictures to the
class. I think we’ll end up hooking their cameras up to a TV. Anyway,
should be interesting… I wonder how confused I’ll get between the two
classes, I’m sure they’ll move at different speeds and have different
questions. Wish me luck!


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Hey Isaac,

You should use your iBook and a slide show program. Better yet, bring in your new LCD screen and mirror to it. I use Graphic Converter (comes free with OSX) for may digital imaging tasks including a simple slideshow. Don’t use a TV. Yuck!


Problem is that my iBook won’t drive my monitor correctly. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I tried it as soon as the monitor came in, and I got a few seconds of life, and then BOTH screnns went screwy on me. Besides, I don’t want to be dragging my monitor all over the place. I’m not too worried about the sharpness of the TV, no one will be sitting close enough to judge the finer details. I do worry about the color being too far off. I can’t think of a better solution right now…


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