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Been up in NoVA

I managed to have a good time up here. Saw friends from my DC area days, it was good to see everyone. I ended up staying several days more than I thought I would. Mom came up (Rick usually goes to Gloucester) and there was a long weekend, so I stuck around…

I got two job offers while I was up here. My old job wants me back. I’m conflicted about that. One of the reasons I left was to start a new life, do something different. On the other hand, I would get paid quite a bit better there than anywhere near mom’s place. I was also offered (I’m not sure how seriously) a gig teaching photography in a workshop setting. That would be a nice add on to a regular job, but it would never work on its own… I’ll see where that goes…

There were some bad things too though. One of the guys that I worked with at Penn became a widow. That’s rough. I think he’s flying back to Ghana, so he won’t be around for a while. I met with a friend of mine on saturday along with his wife and kids. The next morning, she had a stroke! This really surprised us all, she’s only 40ish… Anyway, she seems to be recovering, but I’m wishing them well. Get well soon Cindy!

So it was a mixed bag, I am glad I came up. Now, back to my normal routine…

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