My step father treated me to a baseball game this last weekend. It was great. The weather was wonderful, the park (a newish boondoggle for the DC residents) is really nice, and we had great seats. If I was up there and working, I think I’d spend a lot of time at the park…

At one point, when the Nationals had loaded the bases and were threatening to catch up and take the lead, I heard a fan behind me say, “This would be exciting except we know our track record in situations like this…” Sure enough, they grounded into a force play to end the inning. Those poor Nationals.

The game itself was exactly the way baseball should be. It was tight, there were lead changes, and there was offensive and defensive brilliance on display. At it’s best, baseball is able to build tension like nothing else. Yes, it can get boring, but when it’s a good game, you end up being on the edge of your seat. Even better, baseball has the ability to relive that pressure in an explosive way. A critical home run or strikeout causes waves of emotions from the fans of the home and visiting teams. Even better is when a ball is put in play and the pressure is allowed to build even further.

Anyway, it was a good time. Thanks Rick!

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