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Awkward dream #5425454

Last night I dreamed that the Who performed at the school I was attending. Things were going along pretty well until a piano player going to the school screwed up a solo during “Baba O’reilly”  and the whole thing came to a screeching halt. Everyone was kind of pissed at how everything turned out and I was hanging out with John Entwisle, the bass player from The Who. I couldn’t stop putting my foot in my mouth..

Me: So you must have trouble going to bars and stuff since you’re so famous.  I mean, not as much of a problem as Roger (Daltry, the lead singer) and Pete (Townsend, the guitarist) cause their really famous.


Me: Crap, I mean.. you know what I mean… I mean in bass guitar circles, you’re huge, but everyone knows who Roger Daltry is… err….


At this moment, I had the same realization as I’ve had in many other dreams, he’s dead. What is he doing here? How can I casually bring this up in a conversation without being rude? I’ve already made an ass out of myself, how is this going to go over?

I woke up while trying to come up with a good approach to this. I’ve had this same situation come up a fair number of times and I’ve never handled it gracefully. I’m scared witless that one time the person I’ll be speaking to will ask me, “What are you doing here? I’m dead!”

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