Audioblog #21 Podcasts

Every once in a while I get asked what podcasts I listen to. If you’re not familiar with podcasts you should be. There are hundreds of thousands of recorded audio programs available for free covering every topic imaginable. My list has changed a bit over the past year. Here is the current list:

Radiolab. A show that shows up on public radio. Very well done. They pick an interesting story and tell it talking to a variety of people and interviews. Highly recommended.

This American Life. A well known Public radio staple. Ira Glass’s show, they pick a topic and tell multiple stories revolving around that topic. They mix in true stories and fiction around the topic. Highly recommended.

The Talk Show. John Gruber talks (at length) with a guest about tech stuff in general and usually revolves around Apple. I do think he has a lot to say about excellent products. I’m only listening once in a while these days but still enjoy it.

The Critical Path. Horace Deidu from Asymco talks disruption, innovation, and competition in the tech and entertainment worlds. A high level view of different industries and how they evolve. Great if you’re interested in tech and/or econ.

Stratechery. This one is also a high level tech podcast with an economic bent. He talks about economic issues in the tech world, business models, and choices that need to be made by those companies. A new one, only three episodes old.

Econ Talk. Russ Roberts talks economics with a different guest every week. I don’t listen as much as I once did but still a compelling show. Russ is very good at talking to people that he disagrees with so you get a wide variety of guests on the show.

Free Thoughts. This one is put on by the Cato Institute and is part of I’m sure you can guess what this is about. Cato tends to be less strident and more scholarly. This is a great show if you are interested in libertarianism of course but also great for anyone interested in politics. There is a lot of discussion about political economy on there.

Discover ADN. This is a show made by Jason Irwin. He interviews people that are using, a social platform that is a little different than the rest of them. What is great about this is that it shows how interesting regular folks can be. Everyone has a story to tell. That thought gives me hope for us all:)

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