Are you a foreigner?

That’s what he asked me. Honestly I don’t think I could stand out more in my jeans and tee shirt, luminous white skin, and standing a head taller than anyone else there. He’s an American looking to recruit English teachers for his school. Since I’ll be here for a while I figured that I would look into it. He said that they were either offering classes as payment or just paying me by the hour. My gut feeling is that the pay will be a pittance, but we’ll see. If I didn’t have such a good teacher and room now, I might consider switching schools. So I’m sticking with CALES unless the offer is unbelievable…

Got an email from Ian Mackaye (of Fugazi fame) today. I had sent him an email about some things I thought he would like to see (Kill your idols over at, and I was very happy to see his response. I can’t say that I’m surprised though, he and all of his bandmates are generally known as real down to earth, nice guys. Any of you who aren’t familiar with Fugazi and you’re under the age of 35, go out and listen to them now! A real rock group with real people in it, good stuff.

Everyone is leaving soon… Christoph, Luca, and Nollaig will be gone by the middle of next week. It’ll be sad to see them go, they’ve helped me tremendously. I guess I’ll be the old man of the dorm (in more ways than one) soon nd I’ll be showing some newbies the ropes. Hope they’re as cool as my first set of housemates! There are a few people over at the school that will be around next year, and there are a few people at other schools too. I’m trying to find people but it’s so much easier when you live with them:-)


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