Are they going to blow it?

If you had asked me 8 months ago if the democrats could lose this election, I would’ve said “No way.” Without even knowing who was going to run, it was clear that the dems would have the election handed to them on a silver platter. Well, take a look at this.

I treat the elections a lot like the NFL. I don’t have a team that I follow, but I do enjoy watching the contest. If the democrats lose this (and let’s be clear, this election was theirs to lose), it will be one of the great choke jobs of all time. I’m not loosing any sleep over it, our next president will be a big step up no matter who wins…

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You mean a big step sideways… I can hardly see another presidency with a pandering, privileged, dunce-jock as as a step up.


Don’t kid yourself, Obama panders with the best of them. It’s what politicians do. Anytime you hear one of them say, “I will…” they are pandering to whatever group would benefit. McCain is very rich, and that may indeed mess with his outlook. I have no idea how smart he is, but I can’t believe he’s anywhere near as stupid as W. I stand by my remarks, either one will be a big step up.


Oh, I realize that Obama is a politician. I’ve never seen him as a savior or anything like that. He’s gotten worse as the campaign has gone on in fact. I’d rather have someone like Kucinich in power. That being said, he would be a big step up from Bush.

McCain & Bush on the other hand, have very similar backgrounds right down to their dismal performance in college and their reps as party animals. The main difference is that McCain actually went to VietNam. He didn’t weasel out like Bush… though McCain did trash a bunch of planes in the process.


Well, I have to revise my last comment. It was based on something I heard on (don’t laugh) The Daily Show. John Stewart said something about McCain trashing 5 planes. I looked it up and one site supported the notion but reported that it was only 4 planes. Fair enough… well, I just read this article

on and they state that he was really only responsible for one incident and it did not result in the loss of a plane… he did however admit to horsing around.
I’d probably horse around too a bit if I flew one of those planes.


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