Another crazy dream. Or maybe not that crazy…

Last night, several of my friends and I were being greeted as the newest foreign members of parliament in England. Te dream was mostly about the pomp and newness of being in that sort of position.

Well, that’s stupid, right? You’re right, my high school and college friends would never be elected… Oh, you mean the bit about foreigners being in a legislative body? I dunno, that doesn’t seem too outlandish to me. If you think about it, the reason we don’t want to have foreigners in our congress is because they might pursue actions that would be detrimental to the US. How is that different than what our congressmen and senators do every day?

Let’s ignore the really big things for a sec. Let’s just consider the typical, run of the mill appropriations bills. How often does a senator sponsor a bill that uses federal funds to pay for things in his state? How often do our elected representatives pursue federal policy that would benefit certain businesses? You can be sure that if something is good for a particular business, it’s bad for another. And any time federal funds are used for something in one state, all of the others are paying far more than that particular state.

In short, I don’t see how foreigners in congress would be any more damaging than the people we already have. As a matter of fact, I can imagine that having a representative of any country that we are about to do something with (invade, trade issues, etc.) could actually help. It’ll never happen of course, but trying to see the difference between “them” and our current people we’ve elected isn’t as obvious as you might think…

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