An NGO head shaker…

I was eating at the Arabia Felix today and there were a couple of women next to me having a high power NGO talk. It was all about implementation of transnational directives of donor’s wishes, etc… One of the many feral cats came by her table and started to meow loudly. So she started to feed it. I never do this, feral animals are unpredictable and the last thing I want to do is to attract them. Anyway, the other cats catch onto this and come over to get some handouts. A fight breaks out amongst the cats (3 or 4 of them at this point) and the woman is rather distressed. She keeps telling them to “Stop it! Stop it!” Of course the biggest cat beats up the others and gets to eat. Her response? “He shouldn’t have done kitty kitty kitty..” She didn’t seem to appreciate the irony, she went right back to discussing how to present the latest ideas to the donor…


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